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MySQL and Number Data Type in JSON

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

I am trying to add two datapills which is decimal in MySQL and Number in my JSON Format input schema in My recipe while making API Calls

, but somehow its not able to add, i even tried formula mode, how to resolve this?


It looks like you’re trying to add these values in the totalBalance field. One of them is null and you can’t add null and a number. You would have to write the formula
(totalBalance.present? ? totalBalance : 0) + (deposit amount.present? ? Deposit amount : 0)

That should fix it

Thank you, Problem Solved.

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

It looks like you’re updating with a NULL value which isn’t allowed.

If you accumulate the data to a table, then you can check that table to find out.


Okay Roland, My issue is resolved but I will try that too. Thank You.