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Outlook Email Attachment Get data

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hey Everyone !!

I am trying to extract data from a input pdf sent over email , i am able to get the name of pdf but not able to get any data pill - as i want to extract text/data from pdf file and compare with some expected data fields . Does anyone have idea how i can get data from pdf file ?

Thanks in advance !


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hey! You won't be able to pull data from a PDF file directly into Workato. Perhaps a third party software such as DocParser can help you here. I have pushed the PDF to DocParser and extract data from DocParser and used that in Workato.

Sathia thanks for responding let me give a try

Workato employee
Workato employee

Gajanan Patil what type of document is this PDF (for example, an invoice)? And what is the use case you're trying to automate?

Cc Sonia Prakasam

Hey Deven i am trying to explore features of uipath and this is just for getting upskill in workato , answering to your question yes its template of invoice