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Predefine Base URLs in the HTTP Connector

Workato employee
Workato employee

G’day pros,

A heads-up that we’ve added a new security feature to the HTTP Connector. You can now define a base URL as part of the connection settings. The connection can then only be used to call endpoints with that base URL, with just the relative path specified in the recipe builder. Together with RBAC, you can achieve rapid custom connectivity, but still limit builders to approved APIs.

How does it work? An admin creates the connection and specifies the base URL. Builders without permissions to edit the connection can use it to make custom calls to only that API.

Consider trying this out for services you don’t use often enough to justify developing a custom connector with Connector SDK, or as a stop gap while a custom connector is in development.

Would be interested to hear how you use this. Let us know if there are any questions.




Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Nice! This will be a great feature.