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salesforce File Migration from 1 environment to another

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Hi Team,

We are newbiees to Workato and I'm currently working on possibilities to do File Migration across environments, Is there any  video articles that i can refer to? please



Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Hi @Geetha-N,

In which object are you storing/referring those files in Salesforce? If you are storing the files/documents in Files(Object will be 'Content Document'). Then you can implement the below approach to sync the files b/w 2 envies.

Screenshot 2024-04-25 110007.png

1. Create a connection with the primary Salesforce application which is a source
2. Create another connection with the secondary Salesforce application with the target SF account
These configuration will let you use 2 accounts of the SF in the same recipe(secondary connection will be your 2nd SF account).

And followed by the recipe setup to accomplish your requirement.

Recipe Link:

In the trigger you can change the SOQL query as you need.
Screenshot 2024-04-25 111201.png


If your use case is to sync b/w more that  2 environments then you need to create recipe functions to sync through those envies which has a different connections(different environment connections).

If you are using a different object then change the object name in the trigger and map the required fields to upload the file/document.

Let me know if you have any queries.

Prajwal Prasanna

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Hi Prajwal,

Thanks for your suggestion, The Files would be the one associated to  Opportunities and Accounts and between Source environment to destination environment. So not multiple environment. So, hoping that if i follow the above instructions for these 2 standard objects i should successfully be able to transfer the files between source and designation environment is that right?

Thanks in advance.




Yes, correct. You can able to sync/transfer the files by using the above method.

Prajwal Prasanna

Hi Prajwal.

When i tried accessing the Recipe Link:

I couldn't as  our logins are based in AU -  . Is there a way i can get a pdf version or one supports .au.workato format.

Thanks a lot for your kind help and support rendered.

Best Regards,