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Sharepoint permission setting using REST API

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Has anyone had much experiecne using REST calls to the Sharepoint REAT API in Workato from the SharePoint connector?
I have an integration that is doing lots of REST calls to SHarePoint all of which work fine, except for 2, setting permissions and breaking inheritance. The commands I'm using a literally textbook (cut and paste from, and they work OK from Power Automate, but not from my inegration platform (Workato). In both cases I get the error.

{   odata.error: {     code: -2147024891, System.UnauthorizedAccessException,     message: {       lang: en-US,       value: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation.     }   } }

I get the same responce from both my production SharePoint online instance and my Dev one (the dev is completely vanilla). I get the issue even when using Global Admin who is the site owner and admin.

An example call:'History')/items(1)/r...

All the scope variables are valid and work fine with other REST commands. 

Any ideas? My thought is its somehting to do with either the Authorizion (though it works fine on all the other commands) or the X-REGISTERDiGEST, but pin it down.