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Updating lists on multiple Sharepoint lists

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II


I'm trying to loop through our Sharepoint sites, and update a list in each site.

When use the "add a row to Sharepoint List", I can't parametarize the URL:

So I'll need a custom http action, but I can't seem to get it working.

Does anyone maybe have an example of creating a row in a sharepoint list with a custom http action?

I've tried to take the output of the action, and generate an input Json body, but that doesn't wotk.


"Title": "Test of Location Issue",

"Created_at": "2021-08-03T17:33:34.436000+00:00",

"Synced_at": "2021-08-03T17:33:34.440000+00:00",

"Updated_at": "2021-08-03T17:33:34.438000+00:00",

"Close_version": "",

"Closed_at": "",

"Closed_by": "",

"Created_by": "6KT9RN9BEN8H",

"Opened_at": "2021-08-03T17:33:34.425000+00:00",

"Opened_by": "6KT9RN9BEN8H",

"Updated_by": "6KT9RN9BEN8H",

"Starting_version": "",

"Issue_Description": "",

"Location_Description": "",

"Markup_Metadata": "",

"Tags": "",

"Due_date": "",

"Identifier": "3",

"Status": "open",

"Assigned_to": "YYRFPBLNZFA5",

"Assigned_to_type": "user",

"Answer": "",

"Answered_at": "",

"Answered_by": "",

"Project": "DoES Test Area",

"Issue_ID": "fc219cdd-7ee2-4bfb-8399-03ba1bcbe37a",

"Site name": "025556",

"List": "cf2a2f04-30e4-4c7e-9833-ae84ad89fa41"



Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Few things come to my mind Roland

1: Check if you can perform the action of adding lists from a http client outside of workato.

2: If getting the list of sites and adding a new site (I am assuming you are trying to create a new site when you say adding to a list 🙂 ) ....are using same security protocls. Meaning if the get sites is using Basic auth vs creating a site is using something else.

I think if you can validate if it works in something lilke POSTMAN, I would start looking into the request payload to make sure workato is not applying any formatting around it.

Thanks, will give it a try.

We're not creating new sites in this process. That's done for us in another process.
In each site we have a list where I want to append records into. The list name is always the same, the site address differs.
The number of sites will differ, up to about 800 project sites avg.

I have seen this done in Power Automate.

I'll look into Postman. Looks like a great learning environment. Thanks for that tip.

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Yes, I've just done so in Power Automate.

Here are 3 images:

1: The flow;

2: The output of the flow; and

3: The result in the Sharepoint list