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What’s new on Workato (April edition) ✨

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hey Pros,

As some of you already know, our newest and latest product updates go up on this Changelog. But hey, we thought we'd bring these updates to you guys here as well.

So yeah, here it is, a quick roundup of the updates we saw in the month of April. Let us know what you think of them, and what else you think we should work on next! 

Connectors updates 
Workday’s multi-instance custom objects now supported 🖇
Our Workday connector now supports creating, updating, and retrieving not only single-instance custom objects but multi-instance ones too! This means you can attach more than one instance to a parent object, which is handy when you need to add, say, an employee's multiple COVID-19 vaccination records. 

Oh, and we've made these actions much more user-friendly too.

SAP connector is now SAP certified 👍🏼
Our SAP certification demonstrates that our connector is reliable, secure and efficient for our customers. This gives organizations and their IT teams confidence that our integration does not pose risks of errors, data inconsistencies, nor security breaches.Configuration wizard now available for custom actions

API Platform updates 
Longer timeouts for API requests
You can now increase timeout durations—from the default 30 seconds, up to 240 seconds for the endpoints that need it. Just note that this works only for endpoints created on the API platform.

Better quality of service and stability with API throttling 📈
API requests that exceed the workspace’s concurrency limit will no longer be rejected. Instead, when API requests spike, API throttling will come into play. This will delay the requests a little, depending on their size.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing these exciting updates, @wanpingc !