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Workato Manifest deployment and HTTP connection context

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Hi Community members, 

I'm encountering a challenge during the deployment of a recipe when I export and import the package in different workato environments. I've utilized Recipe Lifecycle Management to create a package, exporting all recipes along with their dependencies. While importing into the production environment, everything went smoothly as expected. However, I encountered an issue with the HTTP connections.

For instance, I created an HTTP connection with header basic authentication, providing corresponding credentials through environment variables. After importing, I not only lost the values of these variables but also the variable names themselves. Furthermore, the connection reverted to its original state, the state it was in at the beginning of development. Despite multiple export attempts, I found it necessary to recreate the connection manually in the production environment.

In addition, there are instances where I lose the reference to callable recipes, though this occurrence is infrequent. I would appreciate insights into whether this is a common issue or if a different approach should be considered. Any guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Tilak Bhatia. 


Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

Hi @TilakBhatia  Reconnecting connectors in different environments isn't problematic; instead, it offers flexibility since,

 Each environment might have distinct configurations, security protocols, or network setups. Recreating connections ensures compatibility and alignment with the specific setup of each environment, maintaining consistency and security across different platforms or instances. 

For the second question related to "there are instances where I lose the reference to callable recipes"

While we do an export we need to select all the necessary configurations, look-up tables ( default it will be ignored we need to include by selecting "include data" ), connections, functions, and include test cases. So in that cases we may not loose any of the dependencies.  

Hi Shiva, 

Thank you for your response, regarding the HTTP connection I  agree that the connection parameters are different in multiple environment and it should give flexibility to change those values ( preferably parametrised than manual entries) ; however as  mention the connection reset to its original setup. In this scenario developers are compelled to configure the connection in production which may risk the integrity of the deployment in larger enterprises. I would still consider it as a product limitation or a bug for that matter. 

The other issue, I believe it's intermittent and most likely due to some unchecked dependency and will look into that. 


Tilak Bhatia.