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Workday / Workato Recipies

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Dear Automation Pro Community,

I very much want to discuss Workday data access/update to/from Workato. It appears that invoking processes within Workay - such as "Hire Employee" is easy enough, but providing the associated parameters looks to be rather complicated. I could really benefit from some information about the process of discovering the necessary WIDs and Reference IDs required for such a process. Also, just accessing and updating a Workday field appears to be rather complicated. I believe a few minutes of discussion will save me from hours of research and trial and error.

Maybe there is a Workday sub-group and I've just not yet discovered it?

Any help would be most appreciated!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jerry – Welcome to the community! I sent you a DM about Workday.

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Jerry. Happy to assist, we've done about 30 intergrations to and from Workday. Feel free to shoot me a message,