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Our July & August Automation Institute Pros of the Month!

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Welcome back to the Pro of the Month series, where we showcase a dedicated learner on Automation Institute, award them an exclusive badge, and ask them a bit about their automation journey.

This month is a bit different as we are showcasing both the July and August Pro's of the Month (admittedly with our Automate23 planning this slipped), but we're back with two stellar folks!

The selection criteria are: 

  1. Being active on Automation Institute in the given month
  2. Having the most courses completed in the given month
  3. Other usage considerations

I’m excited to announce that the winners of the Automation Institute Pro of the Month awards are:

  • July - Laura Sosa, Implementation Consultant Manager @ Worldwide Trainings - 
  • August - Sebastian Brost Managing Director @ Nativ Digital

Frame 7.pngFrame 8.png

We asked them both a few questions about automation, Workato, and their experience with Automation Institute: 

How did learning about automation impact your professional career/goals/aspirations?

  • Laura: The Workato learning path has awakened a dormant potential within my professional career. Now, automation stands as a genuine opportunity for growth and self-development. Considering the current landscape, all the processes we engage in daily, both in our personal lives and professional roles, are geared towards simplification. This is precisely what tools like Workato offer. Without a doubt, I am now more enthused and optimistic about honing these skills for the betterment of my career.
  • Sebastian: Delving into automation reshaped my career perspective. It emphasized the significance of intelligent automation in business transformation, propelling me from a tech enthusiast to an automation strategist.

What was your favorite course you took from the Automation Institute? Why?

  • Laura: As an Implementation Consultant Manager and leader of implementation projects, I consistently find myself in situations where clients operate multiple software platforms. Often, these tools inadvertently hinder their productivity and consume valuable time. Enrolling in the course "Enterprise Workbot for Slack" proved to be an eye-opening experience. The course provided me with a wealth of ideas on how to streamline processes that encompass multiple software applications using Workbot. This allows for a more straightforward process of triggering actions and receiving results all within the same app.
  • Sebastian: My favorite was "The GEARS Framework". It offered a structured approach to establishing scalable enterprise automation. The course seamlessly linked theory with practical steps, making it invaluable for crafting an effective automation strategy.

What is one thing you are really excited about in the world of automation in 2023?

  • Laura: I believe the technology landscape is heading in the right direction, with platforms like Workato making automation more accessible for a wider range of enterprises. I'm enthusiastic about witnessing more processes being automated and becoming increasingly efficient.
  • Sebastian: I'm particularly enthused about the merging of AI and automation. Instead of just static task automation, we're now looking at adaptive systems that predict and optimize business processes on their own, heralding a new era of efficiency.

What advice would you give to others considering a career in automation?

  • Laura: 

    Go for it!

    Automation is the future. Become the professional who helps others become more productive, faster, and more effective.

  • Sebastian: 

    Continuous Learning: Automation is ever-evolving, so always be ready to adapt and grow.

    Broad Perspective: Focus on understanding a range of automation technologies, not just one.

    Balanced Skillset: Technical knowledge is essential, but so are communication and critical thinking skills. Often, you'll be the bridge between tech and business.

    Engage with the Community: Networking in automation circles can offer insights and opportunities.

    Ethical Considerations: As you automate, always weigh the implications on the workforce and aim for solutions that augment human roles.

Congrats to both winners on the awesome achievement, and we look forward to seeing them in more Automation Institute courses in the future!

If you hope to be featured as the next Automation Institute Pro of the Month, continue learning and getting certified via Automation Institute and keep your eye out for an email around the beginning of the month.