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Workato http connector

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I


We got a notification from Engaging Networks that they are going to stop supporting any security protocol below TLS 1.3. I have been trying to find out if Workato http connector will support TLS 1.3 but no luck. If anyone can point me to a right resource, it will be much appreciated.




Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi @dsivasankkar ,

This is Marlon from the support team.

Engaging Networks announced deprecation of support for weak ciphers used in TLS1.2. They explicitly state that they will not be moving to TLS1.3 because of customer feedback. To quote:

You may have heard that we are no longer supporting TLS 1.2 and moving to TLS 1.3. Due to client and partner feedback, we are not making this change and are instead deprecating some individual ciphers that have been identified as weak.

They outline the reasons for this change in the announcement, which is primarily to have better security posture given the sensitive nature of the data that they process.

They have provided a list of weak ciphers being deprecated at the bottom of the page and also list the ciphers that they will continue to support. The Workato platform uses ciphers that will continue to be supported and this will avoid any disruptions for the customers.