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New Workato Netsuite Accelerator.

Workato employee
Workato employee


As with other posts on this platform, we want to use this thread to continue informing you of new features which we consider relevant for you and your other Workato colleagues. In this case, I wanted to share with you our announcement in the Netsuite SuiteWorld 2023 in Las Vegas; our brand new Netsuite Salesforce Accelerator.
This accelerator contains pre-built recipes, user guides and frameworks for various Netsuite Order-to-Cash-related use cases for Salesforce (it can be modified to alternative CRMs).

The NetSuite Accelerator offers seamless automation for lead-to-cash processes by integrating NetSuite with Salesforce through pre-built Workato recipes. This streamlined approach simplifies workflows, ensuring efficient management from lead generation to revenue realization, empowering businesses with enhanced productivity and accuracy.

Workato’s Netsuite Connector is Built for Netsuite Certified, and you can see our official Workato NetSuite SuiteApp listing here.

Main value drivers for this solution:

Go Live with Salesforce and Netsuite Order to Cash 10x Faster: Experience lightning-fast implementation, reducing the time it takes to go live with your Salesforce and Netsuite Order to Cash processes.

2.  Ready to Use Accelerator: Benefit from accelerator packages featuring pre-built and pre-mapped order-to-cash integrations, complete with best practices and user guides. Setting up your integration has never been easier.

3.  Empower Netsuite Project Teams and Administrators: This accelerator empowers Netsuite Project Teams and Administrators with Netsuite expertise. Most NetSuite configurations are customized as your business grows over time. No longer depend on your IT teams, you can customize the accelerator, mappings and add new actions quickly to adjust to your unique business needs. Growing your business with Workato is more efficient.

4.  Seamless Integration without DevOps Hassles: Get started quickly and effortlessly. With this accelerator, you won't need to manage DevOps. Workato fully supports the accelerator, making it the best choice for Netsuite users.


If you'd like the Solution Brief or if you have any questions, please get in touch.
For more info on Accelerators:

Accelerators are pre-packaged free solutions that allow our customers to get started quickly with specific use cases or larger architectural patterns by leveraging pre-built recipes, connectors, data models, and other assets. These Accelerators can be quickly and easily imported into your Workato environment and come with a comprehensive admin guide to help you configure the solution.

Accelerators follow best practices and act as a template that customers can leverage to close their dev cycles quickly.

List of released Accelerators:

A few of the Accelerators are available in your workspace too, we will continue adding them:

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

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