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What’s trending at Workato? - June 21st 2024

Workato Strategy and Product Roadmap June 2024 We hope you loved our Product Roadmap session! We received great feedback from our Customers about the exciting updates from our Product Team. Reach out to if you want to dive ...

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What’s trending at Workato? - May 24th 2024

IF … ELSE IF… ELSE IF… ELSE IF… ELSE…  We're happy to announce the enhancement of our conditional control statement. What’s newNow there is one conditional step IF condition instead of confusing two.Users can add or remove else if or else conditions ...

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Connectors Release Notes - 2024.03 (continued-2)

Wrike[Bug] Wrike new event trigger for TaskCustomFieldChanged Issue Description: The new event trigger for TaskCustomFieldChanged was not generating datapills from the response payload, such as value, taskId, oldValue, and customFieldId. This was pre...

Connectors Release Notes - 2024.03 (continued-1)

Other releases Dropbox[Enhancement] Bidirectional sync support Two new actions have been introduced to enhance the support for Dropbox bidirectional sync: 'Copy file' and 'Delete file'. Additionally, we updated the hint, title, and description for th...

Connectors Release Notes - 2024.03

Release Notes - 2024.03 This release note contains enhancements and bugs released up to Sunday, 31 March 2024 Top 10 Releases SAP Concur [Enhancement] CRUD capability for user provisioning We have now added the ability to create, update, and deactiva...

What’s trending at Workato? - May 10th 2024

New Atlassian Virtual Agent Accelerator! The Atlassian Virtual Agent accelerator enables instant fulfilment and response to user requests for app provisioning through the Atlassian Virtual Agent. It leverages pre-configured, data-driven intents to au...

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What’s trending at Workato? - April 26th 2024

 Copilot can now help you generate FORMULAS!We're happy to announce a new way that Copilot now improves builder productivity!! What is it? In formula mode, you can trigger Copilot by clicking the Ask Copilot button or using the hotkey cmd + E. Once t...

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What’s trending at Workato? - April 12th 2024

New Intelligent Invoice Processing Accelerator by CloudorizonThis Accelerator provides a “plug and play” resource for Workato builders to incorporate into their recipes to streamline invoice processing with an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) AI. ...

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