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Welcome UKI Community!

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hello, everyone! 

Welcome to the UK&I user group! This will be your hub for all updates on events, discussions, and announcements. Feel free to introduce yourself in the chat and let us know where you're based, what company you work for & any other useful information that you’d like to share.

All of the group members are your peers. They are all Workato users willing to tell us about their automation journey. Be ready to share tips and tricks, ask questions to your community, and bring up new features and feedback… In essence, participation is welcome so that everybody can benefit from your wealth of knowledge!

If you'd like to invite someone else from your company, please contact Julie or Breogan.

We are excited you’ve joined us and happy to help you grow in your automation journey!


The Workato Community


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

👋My name is Rich Archbold, I'm the VP Eng for Internal GTM Systems and Automation at Hubspot. My teams are heavy workato users. We love the product 😁

I'm really excited that this group exists, I'd love to see if we could build out a local community group and perhaps get some virtual meetups going?

I'm particularly interested to chat to other senior leaders in-region.

Would this be of interest to anyone else?

Hi Richard!

Welcome to the group and thanks for the intro message!

We are building the Community as we speak, sending out invites to our customers. I also hope we can form an interactive group where all the participants benefit from the conversation.