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What’s trending at Workato? - February 16th 2024

Workato employee
Workato employee

API Platform has a new major update: API Proxy

API Proxy is now generally available! When creating an API collection, users can choose to BYO-API instead of building one using recipes. This is a great way to publish existing APIs and get all the benefits of a modern API gateway. It is a lightweight service that has a low memory footprint, capable of handling very high volume with low latency.


  • Simple setup
  • High capacity (upwards of 10k RPS)
  • Low latency of 5ms
  • No concurrency limit

Proxy serves generic APIM use cases while API recipes support complex use cases. Together, the API Platform offers a holistic approach to API management. As with all things Workato, it remains cloud-native, LCNC and no devOps.

Workato’s API Platform started with API recipes as a backend. This has been very successful with our customers because they can build APIs with complex logic, read/write data to apps, and publish using an enterprise-grade gateway, without any code.
In the last year, we observed a need for a more traditional approach to API management use cases. Customers wanted us to act simply as a gateway for their existing APIs. They didn’t need complex logic and wanted us to support simple requests proxy it at a much larger scale, with lower latency and at a fraction of the cost.

Want to learn more or have any questions or use cases? Reach out to us!

image.pngCheck our Documentation 

OPA 23.0 is available! 

 We're happy to announce that a new version of the on-prem agent has been released!

Major release with logging service announcement, support for Kafka protobuf, and several bug fixes both for OPA and SAP.
We have released an extension to our logging service - on-prem agent logs.

  • Users can enable the visibility of the on-prem agent logs from their on-prem group-level settings - see the screenshot below.
  • Once the feature is enabled, the logs are routed to the logging service view. OPA logs were enriched with job ID and recipe ID information.
  • Users can have easy access to the OPA logs. This will be useful to search, audit and troubleshoot the specific recipes or adapters, for example, SAP, allowing easy access to the SAP logs.

Check our documentation for more info about the release notes.

Release notes:
OPA 23.0 is the minimum required version for use with the Workato Logging Service. This release includes a major Java runtime and language upgrade; the agent now uses the latest 21 LTS version.

  • Kafka: added support for Protobuf schema format.
  • HTTP: the agent now correctly handles cases where the remote server responds before the request completes.
  • HTTP: requests can now pass through a configured proxy server.
  • Hardening: fixed bug where the agent failed to reconnect when using a proxy server.
  • JMS: fixed message parsing when sending from non-JMS applications.
  • TLS: added support for ECC private keys and certificates.
  • MS SQL: fixed connection problem when using ActiveDirectory authentication method.
  • SAP: implemented sending IDoc batches to Workato webhook.
  • SAP: support for receiving outbound IDocs from SAP for all partner types.
  • SAP: keep NUMC data types as strings instead of integers.
  • Security: updated Java to version 21.0.2+13.
  • Security: updated Spring Framework to version 6.1.2, Spring Boot to 3.2.2, AWS SQS messaging library to 2.1.1.
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Connectivity Team Updates - January 2024

Here is our traditional update on the connectors released during January 2024. In the month of January, we have released 14 connectors and a new Customer Engagement recipe to the Community Library!
What’s new on Product Hub:

Community Connectors: What’s new in January
Recipe highlight: Elevating Customer Engagement with Seamless Contact Sync

New Recipes:

Seamless Contact Synchronization for Enhanced Customer Engagement

New/Updated Connectors (details in our Product Hub😞

ServiceNow (Custom) - CMDB
Employment Hero
Microsoft Graph API
Microsoft Entra ID
Abbyy Flexicapture
Azure Service Bus
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