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Workato - What’s trending at Workato? - October 13th 2023

Workato employee
Workato employee
New/Updates Community Connectors - September 2023  
In the month of September, we have published 20 connector updates and 6 use case recipes to our Community Library!
New/Updated Connectors:
  • Sapling HR: Streamline HR tasks, onboarding, and user management with Sapling HR's connector.
  • Instabase: Process PDF emails and archive files, leveraging AI with Instabase's connector.
  • Kickflow: Boost productivity with updated schema in the cloud-based workflow system.
  • Infor Talent Management: Enhance talent management with added Job requisition object support.
  • Freshservice: Simplify IT tasks, now with new actions and enhanced authentication options.
  • Azure DevOps: Authenticate with Service Principals, parse special characters with Azure DevOps.
  • GraphQL: Expanded support, OAuth2, and error code enhancements for GraphQL connector.
  • Acumatica ERP: Manage employees effectively with CRUD actions for Employee objects.
  • MYOB Advanced: Efficiently handle employees with CRUD actions for Employee objects in MYOB.
  • Mazrica Sales: Formerly 'Senses,' now rebranded as 'Mazrica Sales.'
  • Dialogflow CX: Improved with the addition of detect intent action for Dialogflow CX.
  • Qualys: Added host detections, vulnerabilities, and IP asset object to Qualys.
  • SOAP: Secure and efficient SOAP connector with enhanced features and bug fixes.
  • InsightVM: Update for definition URL retrieval in the InsightVM vulnerability scanner.
  • HiBob: Fixed webhook event issues, making HiBob more reliable.
  • BlackLine: Updated token URL, optional Data centre field, and connection hints.
  • iChris: Added support for custom domains, enhancing iChris HR software connector.
  • Cvent: Removed DateTime filter workaround, improving Cvent connector reliability.
  • Lightspeed Commerce: Bug fixes related to URL parameter formats for Lightspeed Commerce.
Recipes addressing relevant business use cases:
  • Finance: Streamlined Expense Claim Guidance for Better Employee Experience
  • RevOps: Initiation of Order Shipment based on Invoice Settlement
  • Property Management: Guided Resource Consumption Measurement
  • HR: Multi-step Job Requisition Approval with HR Notification
  • HR: Efficient Employee Exit and Equipment Retrieval Automation
  • HR: Automated App Provisioning by Department for New Hires
For more info, check the link below.

September Connectors 

Platform Connector September 2023 Updates
Similar updates for our Platform Connectors. We introduced major improvements to several key strategic connectors: SuccessFactors, BIM360, and Marketo. We also released an improvement to the new XSLT support found in our XML Tools by Workato connector! There are also other important bug fixes and enhancements!
  • SuccessFactors: [Enhancement] Support 3rd party offline SAML assertion
  • XML Tools: [Enhancement] Add sample output into XSLT action. We added direct parsing capability into the “transform XML using XSLT” action.
  • BIM360: [Enhancement] Issues API v2 actions. Migrated the issues-related actions and triggers from V1 to V2 as recommended by Autodesk as they were deprecating version 1 of the API in September
  • Marketo: Functionality and UX Revamp. Our Marketo connector has undergone a complete revamp. Some of the key highlights:
    • Support for Smart Campaigns: You can now choose folder IDs from a picklist where applicable. This feature is included in actions like creating and updating Smart Campaigns, searching for them, and more.
    • Trigger Name Updates: The trigger names for new leads and lead activity batches in Marketo have been refined for clarity. "New lead in Marketo" is now "New lead in list in Marketo," and "New lead activity in Marketo" replaces "New lead activity batch in Marketo."
    • Action Streamlining: Several actions, including search, get, update, and create, have been merged into single actions. This simplifies the process and allows you to select the corresponding record within these actions.
    • Pagination Support: For the "Get lead activities" action, pagination support has been added to handle a large number of activities more efficiently.
    • Multiselect Picklist: In the "Get lead activities" action, the Activity selection has been changed to a multi-select picklist to accommodate multiple activities for the /v1/activities.json endpoint.
    • Bulk Actions: Various bulk import, export, and related actions have been merged into single actions. This reduces complexity and lets you choose the desired records within these actions.
    • Job Output for File Size: When an export is successful, you now receive job output information for file size. This can be particularly helpful for tracking and managing your data exports.
  • Facebook: [Enhancement] Custom OAuth for Facebook. We have added support for Custom OAuth profiles for Facebook and Facebook Lead Ads!
  • OpenAI: [Enhancement] Support for list in OpenAI embedding API call. When we had initially designed this, we didn’t expect most users to send in a list of objects to obtain an embedding for but after feedback, we have realized this is a common use case and have fixed it.
  • NetSuite: [Enhancement] UX. We also made small changes to the hints in several NetSuite actions for better understandability!
  • Outlook: [Enhancement] Option to hide attendees in the standard connectors actions. Added the capability for users to choose whether to show or hide attendees in the automated calendar invites that are being created via Outlook connector actions
  • Bynder: [Enhancement] Trigger enhancement. We added filter inputs for new and new/updated asset triggers for the Bynder connector
  • SFTP: [Enhancement] Format for host key fingerprint on the SFTP connector is not specified. Improved the hints to help users clearly identify the formats of the host key that our SFTP connector accepts, so they can generate keys in similar format from their clients and utilize the same to connect to the SFTP server via Workato.
  • SQL Schema Designer: [Enhancement] SQL Schema Designer. We now support designing schema based on SQL inputs. We are working with the DB team to add this cool new enhancement to all the various actions!


Audit Log Streaming Notifications is here! 

What's New?

  • Email notifications for log streaming connection breakages

With this enhancement, breakages in streaming connections (S3, HTTP, Azure Blob, Azure Monitor) that are either voluntary (user disconnect) or involuntary (invalid permissions) will be detected and an email will be sent to users with troubleshooting steps so they can remediate the breakage in a timely manner to resume streaming.

Logs that fail to stream because of broken connections result in customer data being lost forever, especially if they have a short data retention window on the platform. Hence, this enhancement aims to reduce the window of time when a breakage is first detected to the time streaming resumes.