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Workato - What’s trending at Workato? - September 29th 2023

Workato employee
Workato employee


  ========= New App View for Workflow Apps ===========  
 Excited to announce that Workflow Apps have become so much easier to create from scratch and manage with the new App view.
Everything related to a workflow app now resides in a single project tab: stages of a workflow process, related app pages, data layer for the app, plus automation recipes with business logic.
This makes evaluating and maintaining the apps a delightful experience.

Try it by yourself!

The updates include:

  • New App View available for all existing and future app-based projects
  • Configurable tabs to show additional information for the app or design alternative request pages
  • Selection of a page became optional in Workflow Apps connector actions since pages are now directly assigned to specific workflow stages
The time to value is super critical for a great app-building experience. Apps can now be created and adjusted in no time. Plus, introducing tabs is a foundation to make workflow apps richer with wider use case coverage in the future.

Already in production!

Will existing apps continue to work?
Sure, no effort is needed! All existing apps and new apps will have the new App view from now on. Note that this change relates to app builders only, with no impact on business users.


Workflow Apps Documentation 

 SDK CoPilot is now available in private beta
The Workato Connector SDK Copilot uses the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) to augment and accelerate your connector-building experience, enabling you to develop connectors quickly. Whether you're a seasoned SDK developer or new to the SDK but have familiarity with coding and web services, you can use the Workato Connector SDK Copilot to learn more about the Workato SDK, build authentication logic, or build actions that are specific to your requirements.


The SDK Copilot is powered by AI, where mistakes and hallucinations are still possible. We recommend you verify the code it generates through adequate testing before releasing the connector to your team members.

This feature is currently in private beta. Please feel free to contact us (your Customer Success Representative) for more information.


Workato Connector SDK CoPilot Documentation →

Amazon Seller Central Connector Update


We have updated the Amazon Seller Central Connector to (additionally) support non-US marketplaces, please check the updated connector here: 

US DC Connector
EU DC Connector

Check the multiple Amazon community connectors available: 

In addition to our platform connectors for Amazon-related products: