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Accessing Sharepoint List

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II


I'm looking what you need to do to lookup values in a Sharepoint list, and et them into variables for a recipe.

I can search the list, and see the values in the Job, but I can't seem to access them.


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Maybe you should provide a response body sample in the custom action?

I have this in the response body:



"name": "Project",

"type": "string",

"optional": true,

"control_type": "text"



Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

This looks like the input parameters that the action needs (Project). I was thinking about the response body that looks like

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Roland Daane

From the attached Screen-shots, I thought you have used the Custom Action of the Sharepoint.

The Custom action mainly have following fields to setup:

Action name, Method, Path, Response Type, Request Parameter and Response body.

From the Screen-shot, I observed that you are getting the response from Sharepoint side, means you request Method, Path and parameters are looks good.

Now, to use the result from custom action you just need to set the JSON into the Response Body field of custom action.

As easy approach, just copy the JSON by cliking the "Copy JSON" button from the job result or you can also copy the Response JSON from the Sharepoint API documentation for that request.

For more information about Custom Action and how to setup action parameters, you can follow the steps as given example in the following Workato document:

Thank you.