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Adding Contacts into Microsoft Outlook 365

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

I have a need to copy Contacts from an application to Outlook 365. Wondering if anyone has done this, and how you did it? does this take a custom connector?


Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

At the time when we needed to do it we had to build a custom connector to the Graph API. Now there is a Community Library Graph API connector you can use:

Hopefully this will help. Good Luck!

Workato employee
Workato employee

We currently do not have actions/triggers for outlook contacts, but it could be set up using the outlook connector and using custom actions in the API. Contacts triggers/actions in the outlook connector are planned for this year.

thank you.. After doing some research, it looks like Microsoft has moved outlook interface to their GRAPH API... I am not an expert in this, but that is what seems to suggest. It might be good if you are building out a new Connector to use this instead of the older APIs.