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Developer API Limitations

Hi, I'm trying to get information about recipes our team has created via the Developer API ( In particular, I'd like to know who created the latest version of the recipe to attribute them as th...

bud by Deputy Chef I
  • 9 replies
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Active Directory- Create User Password

Hello automation Pros!I am working on a recipe that creates users in Active Directory using Windows Server.I am trying to map Password but I can't find the field to map it.According to AD Docs the field should be: userPasswordSearching by Passw... i...

bcastro by Deputy Chef I
  • 6 replies
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Workday REST API custom action

Hello, Has anyone built an intergration using Workday REST API and use one of these /requests and /types methods? I set up different connections using the pre-built connector and HTTP. But keep getting 401 errors or 404 not found.

Read Tabular Data Row wise from PDF

Hello All,I am trying to build a solution that can read values from a PDF & post it to a database engine.DocParser seemed to be promising but was not able to read the row wise data from it.Also DocParser is a paid service so I tried JavaScript/Python...

himanshu by Deputy Chef I
  • 5 replies
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How to debug below connection to SQL Server?

Hi, I am trying to connect SQL Server on Workato. The database is on cloud and we have whitelisted all the Workato IP;s. Still i am getting beloe error.I am connecting SQL with below valuesCan someone please help me in debugging it?

j_ by Deputy Chef I
  • 4 replies
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AOF Experience

Hi Pros, we're in the process of setting up our environments. How's your experience so far using AOF? Is it invaluable to your production recipes? Do you utilise it in Dev and Test Env? I'm deciding whether to impliment it from day 0 or wait and see ...

neils by Deputy Chef I
  • 1 replies
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