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Caching in the API Platform

Has anyone used a caching strategy with a recipe that's running in the API Platfrom (so reachable via REST)? My recipe will be called via Javascript from a webpage so performance is key. It will be doing a simple query against Dynamics CRM and the ...

mppowe by Executive Chef I
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Transform and Filter Json data

Hi Team,I am having below payload as input and in the output im expecting only the Sales data of (Target >= 20)Input Payload:==========={"EmployeeDetails": [{"EmpID": 123,"Records": [{"id": "S1","Department": "Sales","Target": "20"},{"id": "S3","Depa...

bala-s by Deputy Chef I
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Request Form to Ticketing System

Hello Pros,We have a request for hiring managers to submit a request for additional access for the new hires. The request will be recorded in Zendesk. My challenge is where I should put the form.1. Google Form > New row in Sheet > Workato trigger. 2....

Hubspot connector and authentication

To connect to Hubspot, I need to "log in" to Hubspot with a valid email/pwd. Problem is, this "integration user" shouldn't be my individual account, it should be a generic integration user. Our IT policy does not allow a generic email not tied to a...

mppowe by Executive Chef I
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Workato Recipe Sharing Security

This is more for workato team. I know we can set up permission so that a recipe is not by default available in the community.Each recipe by default comes with a sharing URL, which is useful for sharing and for support.However the URL is open (if you ...


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