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Workato Recipe Sharing Security

This is more for workato team. I know we can set up permission so that a recipe is not by default available in the community.Each recipe by default comes with a sharing URL, which is useful for sharing and for support.However the URL is open (if you ...

Backing up Job History

What are folks using to back up their workato job history? We aren't currently backing up our job history, but need to start doing so. I would imagine tools Datadog, Snowflake, etc would be good for this. What's everyone using? Do you like it? Let me...

READ ME section

Just an Workato considering adding a section like READ ME in each recipe so that we can document what the use case is, and more granular detail.Notes on each steps is great. But sometimes I forgot what a recipe was for unless I went back to...

Checking for the presence of an array

Hi Folks,So to check for the presence of an array (i.e. that there is at least 1 item in the array), as far as I'm aware you need to do a formula to check the length of it. i.e. array.length (<-formula)greater than (<-condition)0 ...

dcornwell by Deputy Chef III
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Workbot for Teams

Hi everyone (:My name is Dans and I'm new to Workbot for Teams. I have a question for those of you who already use it:We have separate environments in WK (dev and prod) but in Teams, there is only one workspace, and the connector can only be active i...


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