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"If" type formula

Hello all!Is there a way to create a formula that uses .present? on a string and then inserts one of two options into the field? Seems like there is a way to do it, but I'm having issues with the syntax. The specific use case is as follows:[datapill1...

dan-lowry by Deputy Chef I
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How do other organizations handle governance of Workato? Some of the challenges we're running into...1) Since we're limited by the number of connections (for billing purposes), we can only have a certain number of integrations. We hit that max. I ...

mppowe by Executive Chef I
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Active Campaign Integration

Hello Automation Pros! I am new to Workato and starting on my journey to streamline software connections for my organization. I am stuck with an Active Campaign integration and wondering if anyone has already built a recipe. We are trying to captur...

keeboch by Deputy Chef I
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Printing Outlook email to PDF

I'm trying to help our accounting team be able to easily store and locate evidence of license key delivery emails. Currently they have a giant email inbox which is getting more and more difficult to search for the email copies.I'd like to download a ...

ajorde by Deputy Chef I
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Comparing 2 objects in bi-directional sync

Wondering if anyone else has had to crack this nut before.We're in the planning stage of a bi-directional integration between Hubspot and Dynamics CRM (I know Hubspot has a delivered integration but it won't work for our purposes).It looks like Hubsp...

mppowe by Executive Chef I
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Recipe Parameter

Hi,Is there a way to add a parameter/value to a recipe that will be retrievable when getting recipe details with a RecipeOps action?For example, I want to add a parameter named "Related Slack Channel" to a recipe, and when getting the recipe details,...

kobi-sh by Deputy Chef I
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