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Callable Recipes: output size limit

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi all, I'm testing the use of callable sub-recipes and I incurred in a limit on the size of the output. I t seams that the Json I'm returning gets truncated.

Here some more details on the Json:

1) it's speciefied with json schema in the sub-recipes trigger.

2) it contains a list of about 300 objects. Each object contains an integer and two strings.

3) the truncation looks like this:



"course_id": 1,

"type": "sometype",

"code": "MY0123co…(truncated here)"


"… (264 more truncated here)"



Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Marcello, it's just representation of the json in the job. If you'd like to see the full return use 'Logger by Workato' application or send it to yourself using email.