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Can anyone identify why i cant map from my nested list in Workato?

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

I have an array called records and this contains an array called actions to be mapped to an API response, i have mapped the records source list correctly but when selecting the actions source list i am not given the ability to map the actions datapil.


Nice tip, I will need to try your suggestion. Thx

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Ryan,

If you look at the Record list that you have at step 8, there is a Record datapill as an array type in the root level.

So, you have to use a for each step on the Record datapill and bring the "Return Success" step inside the for each step.

Now, you should be able to select the first nested level of array datapills(Actions, in your case).

Hope, this helps!

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

It's possible to map any nested level with 'Group mapping' function. Please kindly see my reply above.