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Coupa Approvals with Workato

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi experts,

We built a recipe to allow users to approve requisitions from MS team. Though this works great, we are facing a challenge as audit history in the coupa always shows workbot instead of name of the person who approved the PR.

Does anyone has faced similar situation? Any solution or work around would be Appriciated.



Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III
Coupa has a native slack connector that allows you to approve via Slack. I’d reach out to Coupa to see if they have one for MS team.

Otherwise there are 2 options for the Coupa-Workato build. The simplest version would be to use 1 api key “workbot” like you are already doing and leave a comment on the req that includes the username from slack. Otherwise the complex version: you need to create an API key for each user and use it dynamically in your recipe. You would have to use HTTP connector and call the Coupa API with the auth parameters in the recipe (not the connection). That way, you can pull the API key from a lookup table (or another data store) based on the slack user. 


Thanks for the reply, Joe. Our auditors rejected the idea of comments as they have to see the person's name in the audit reports. The idea of creating API keys won't work as we have more than 4K folks who uses coupa and it would be a maintenance problem.

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Vipul,

Have you tried using the "personal connections" setting for the Approval recipes. This will enable authorization of approvals at runtime i.e. in MS teams with the approver's identity instead of the credentials used for the recipes at design time (which typically happens to be the workbot app).



Hi Tridivesh

That option works only for connection supporting oauth. Unfortunately, coupa connection doesn't support oauth yet.