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New Release Announcement: Unveiling the Newest Automation Accelerators (February 2024)

Workato employee
Workato employee

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses need agile solutions that empower them to adapt quickly and drive innovation. Workato Automation Accelerators are here to revolutionize how organizations automate their processes, enabling them to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, scalability, and productivity. Revolutionize your automation journey with our new accelerators - now available! These pre-packaged solutions are a game-changer and will greatly boost your automation efforts.

  1. Salesforce Workbot: Salesforce Workbot enables users to access Salesforce data directly through the Slack interface. It allows for seamless integration between Salesforce and Slack, providing users with quick access to Salesforce records, related information, and history of accessed records. Workbot is customizable to suit the specific needs and workflows of different organizations, making it a versatile solution for efficient data access and collaboration.
  2. Coupa Claims AI Assistant: Coupa Claims AI Assistant Accelerator provides a simple Slack Bot based user interface to create claims in Coupa. Users can use this bot to upload expense images, and the accelerator will make use of Open AI image processing capabilities to extract required expense details. It will also initiate an verification with the user, before creating the Expense Report in Coupa.
  3. RecipeOps (AHQ): The purpose of this accelerator is to empower administrators to manage, monitor, and administer task usage effectively.
    • Proactive alerting ensures timely identification and resolution of potential issues. The Recipe Operations (AHQ) Accelerator is designed to offer administrators detailed insights into task usage, connections, and applications within AHQ workspaces.
    • The primary goal is to provide periodic notifications, alerting mechanisms, and billing information to facilitate efficient management and administration.
    • The Recipe Operations Accelerator delivers a comprehensive set of features, allowing AHQ workspace administrators to gain valuable insights, detect anomalies, and receive billing updates. The focus on proactive alerting ensures that administrators stay informed and can promptly address any unusual spikes or SLA breaches.
  4. Actions by LLM: This Accelerator provides a “plug and play” resource for Workato builders to implement the action execution based on user conversation leveraging LLM and Workato Workbot. It gives an immediate starting point to remove the majority of the upfront development work typically required for this kind of framework and is customizable to suit any organization’s ecosystem of applications.
    • Organization can leverage this accelerator when it has multiple applications and wants users to interact and take action depending on their access to applications by chatbot kind of user interface without them requiring to logon to the application.  
    • Accelerator provides out-of-box support for common actions in supported applications. However, customers shall be able to extend the framework and provide support for action and applications. So, this accelerator is built with a design that applications can be extended or customized with minimum changes.
  5. DevOps with AWS: The primary objective of a DevOps with AWS accelerator is to automate the entire lifecycle of building and packaging automations. This automation extends to the efficient delivery across various environments, including test and production.
    • By automating release processes, teams can effortlessly coordinate deployments, conduct rigorous quality controls, and minimize errors.
    • The DevOps with AWS automation accelerator fosters consistent release practices throughout an organization, aligning multiple teams toward streamlined processes. Once release procedures are automated, teams can develop superior solutions and decrease the incidence of defects associated with changes. 

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