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Custom Action Configuration Wizard now available!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey Pros,
Our product team is happy to announce that our custom action configuration wizard is now available to all users!
Why is this feature important?
Custom actions are often the most widely used action within a given connector and it is imperative that we make it easy for business users to build them as it unblocks them during recipe design and development. The custom action configuration wizard brings the same level of ease of use to building custom actions as has previously existed for our HTTP Connector. With a completely guided setup and improved user flow, users can easily test endpoints, generate schemas, and have helpful error messages when designing custom actions.


 What’s new?
  • Introducing configuration wizard for custom actions (all Connectors — Platform and SDK)
  • Revamped configuration wizard for HTTP Connector
  • Ability to resume guided setup at any point
  • Standardized behavior of skip guided setup to not apply any changes to action configuration
  • Specific error messages for commonly defined error codes


Will be reflected in our documentation soon!
What will you be using the configuration wizard for?
Happy automating,