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GitLab Connector

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Hi everyone. Still pretty new to Workato and getting into it. One of the connectors I need is for GitLab and I didn't see any community ones for this posted. Thought I would check and see if someone does have one they wouldn't mind sharing before I dive in and create my own.


- Dorian Kunzler


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hey Dorian, nice to meet you. Here's a connector we've built internally.

Hope you find it useful!

Perhaps you can share the use case(s) with us so we can all chip in!

Thanks Wilson! I figured someone would probably have something for it. Will be good for a starting point for us. I will compare the actions you have in it to what our needs are and we can build it out from there.

This is one I would like to build out and certainly share with everyone. I will keep you posted on it!