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How to copy the recipe content to a PDF/documentation?

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I


I'd like to store a printed copy of our recipe for the documentation purposes, however, when printing using browser's print to PDF function, some of the elements that are deep nested into loops, ifs, etc. are cropped on the right.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to copy visual view of the recipies to the documentation?


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

I would recommend you to copy it from Dependency Graph for documentation.

Path for it > Dashboard--> Dependency Graph.

It will show all dependencies for recipe. Hope this helps

Thanks Vijay, that's good for dependencies, still I'd need to get the actual recipe content.

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

How about exporting a manifest of the recipes and storing on something like GitHub? (

This also depends on your use case. For example, if the goal is to have a Wiki for users to reference and understand what recipes exist, it could contain a summary of requirements and the "why" behind the recipe and some higher-level notes on technical architecture and the recipe design. This would arguably be more useful than a literal PDF representation.

Then if you want a comprehensive representation of every recipe step for whatever reason, the complete manifest would be more detailed and enable you to reimport the recipe in its current state if you ever needed to.

Hi Justin, thanks a lot. For users I already have a wiki-like explanation and I will use the manifest for migration to production, so it's a good idea to attach it to the docs as an attachement.

Still I'd like to have a detailed human-redeable documentation of the work done, that is visual and not depended on accessing Workto to see it, so it could be explained (or recreted) in a few years without the need to access Workato (who knows what tools will be used in the future).