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Ideas for AI/ML powered automations

Workato employee
Workato employee

[Oct 29, 2020] Dan Kennedy (VP, Enterprise Architecture at Workato) posted:

I see a lot of really amazing solutions being created on a regular basis in Workato but one area that I feel has HUGE potential in many companies is the ability to build cognitive or intelligent automations with Workato and various artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) tools. One of the reasons some companies aren’t pursuing these types of automations is simply that people lack good ideas for how to use AI/ML when automating business processes. In order to help with this, I wanted to share a couple of common solution patterns I've seen but more importantly start a thread where others can share ideas or use-cases as well.

ML Solution Pattern #1: Support Case Triage and Routing

As new support requests are sent from customers to your support teams it often requires an agent to manually categorize the request, route it to the appropriate support team, and possibly assign a priority or urgency. Workato can be used to automatically send the support request details through a machine learning model (Azure ML or Google NLP) to automatically assign the support team, the category, and even the priority/urgency of the request based on the content of that request. This is a great solution pattern because the machine learning model(s) can be easily trained using the content and classifications of historical cases.

ML Solution Pattern #2: Email-based Invoice or Form Processing

Invoices or other forms received by email typically require someone to open attachments and perform manual data entry for the data in these attachments. A great use-case for ML-based automation is the use of Workato along with a solution such as Docparser or Amazon Textract. This solution pattern automatically downloads invoice attachments from incoming emails, processes these documents through the ML/OCR tools to extract text/records from the invoices, and then creates the associated invoice records in your accounts payable system.

It would be great to hear from other Automation Pros on use-cases or patterns they have seen to be successful in their organizations using Workato along with AI/ML tools or even just conceptual ideas you might have. Post your solutions or ideas here!


Workato employee
Workato employee

[Nov 3, 2020] Srikanth Lanka (Principal Engineer , Enterprise Application Integration from Rubicon Red) replied:

we have built an Intelligent document Management services - SaaS solution more in the lines of ML Solution Pattern #2: Email-based Invoice or Form Processing. 

We are demo-ing the same in the upcoming AWS Event. Our SaaS development team initially approached me for Workato, but later I heard they have used AWS Lamda for some interfacing.I will enquire more and provide an update soon here.