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JWT bearer token not working in Postman

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

I went through the steps to create a JWT bearer token but when I try to use that token in Postman I get the 401 

"error": "Access to this API has been disallowed"
I added a header key 'Authorization' and put the following in the value:  Bearer 348d074e532c44151cae29ce3f5d8e13305f72c2b65cf567a2b5f98f8fbab26c
Does anyone have any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?

Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

Are you talking about using the API platform in Workato and using the JSON Web Token authentication method for the Access Profile?  Or... something else?  If you can be more specific it'll help.


Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi @johnmdorsey ,

May we know how you generate the token and for which endpoint you are trying to use it? Regarding the error, it could mean that the endpoint is not active or the credentials is not correct.