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Maximum number steps in recipe

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Does anyone know the maximum number of steps allowed in a recipe? If we break recipes into modular pieces (calling resuable recipes) the price increases since we are charged per recipe.

So if you want to put a large number of steps in the same recipe - is there a limit as to how many there can be?


Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

I believe you only get charged for the "parent" recipe.

That is my understanding as well. Have verified with our account rep.

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Workato support has told me there isn't a limit but I still getting UI errors (recipes won't save) soon after 100 steps so our rule is if the recipe requires more than 100 steps then callables must be used.

You only get charged for standalone recipes. You can build many recipe functions as you wish. Also I can confirm there is no limit, al least not the one you are facing. I have recipes with more than 100 steps.