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Newbie Saying Hello!

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

All, I'm with Crunchyroll and just purchased Workato instead of Greenhouse HRIS Connector. I just finished the level one certification and am encouraged by what I've learned so far about Workato. We have high hopes that it will provide a means for us to do extensive streamlining of process flows as well as relieve our human data mules of their recurring data deliver from one data silo to another. Primarily our need is data feeds to and from Workday - mostly from Workday.

Experimenting with a simple task of updating Primary Work email address in Workday leads me to realize there are some complexities I will need to understand in order to accomplish these sorts of things. Hopefully I can find wisdom and knowledge within this group for such purposes.

In any event, I'm happy to be starting this adventure in the Workato space.

Jerry "Jp" Shaver


Workato employee
Workato employee

Welcome Jerry Shaver !

Thanks Kristine,

I'm hoping to connect with community users who have experience with using Workato for integrations to/from Workday. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

In any event, thanks for the nice welcome.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome, JP! Excited for you to be a part of this community.