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Cache millions of records

If you need to cache a large amount of data for subsequent retrieval in a recipe, how would you do it? Would you put it in a lookup table (limit 100K rows) or in a list of hashes? Is there a limit on the number of rows in a list? I am wondering h...

kolson by Deputy Chef I
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Coffee with Massimo - hot or iced?

Hi Pros, No matter how you like your coffee (or tea), make sure Coffee with Massimo is on your calendars for next Tuesday, March 21st. Join Massimo Pezzini and Karuna Mukherjea as they discuss whether it’s best to implement Automation or Integration,...

Coffee with Massimo social.png

On-Prem Agent - service account bloat?

We're just starting to use the OPA for some things and I'm anticipating some security concerns down the road.  We're exploring automating a Phishing Response.  When we find out that an account has been compromised, we can run a recipe that will reset...

mppowe by Executive Chef I
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Resolved! JavaScript Connector handling null values

Has anyone had luck handling null values in a JavaScript Connector? I have tried all these below but the error remains "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'regulation')"regulation = arrayValue.regulationregulation = arrayValue.regulation || 0reg...

jharrison by Deputy Chef II
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