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On-Prem Agent - service account bloat?

We're just starting to use the OPA for some things and I'm anticipating some security concerns down the road.  We're exploring automating a Phishing Response.  When we find out that an account has been compromised, we can run a recipe that will reset...

mppowe by Executive Chef I
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Resolved! JavaScript Connector handling null values

Has anyone had luck handling null values in a JavaScript Connector? I have tried all these below but the error remains "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'regulation')"regulation = arrayValue.regulationregulation = arrayValue.regulation || 0reg...

jharrison by Deputy Chef II
  • 12 replies
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Resolved! Do not break foreach loop when API fails

Issue is inside custom connector ruby code.Context: I have a list of companies in an array then I am using .each method to loop every company and then hitting an api call on every company.Problem: Now one api call is failed for a company and code bre...

Resolved! Adding items to a nested list

Hello,I have a recipe that pulls data by a specified date range. Sample data parsed from a list variable: { "data": [ { "Id": "1234", "Items": { "Item": "Placeholder Item" } }, { "Id": "1234"...

dkollar by Deputy Chef I
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Developer API Unauthorized

Hi everybody,So I'm trying to use the CLI from Workato connector SDK ( That I can create and test SDK connectors in a different environment than the one in Workato it...


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