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Product Update: Make waiting simple with wait actions

Workato employee
Workato employee

Whether the next step in your recipe has to wait for a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days, we've introduced wait actions to give you precise control over wait times.

Wait for action: Specify the number of seconds the recipe should wait for before proceeding on to the next step. You can easily select from a preset list of values, or define your own wait intervals.

Wait until action: Specify the time to wait until before proceeding on to the next step using the date/time picker. If you select a time in the past, the recipe will immediately proceed on to the next step.

Watch this short video or check out Docs to learn more.

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Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

We are waiting for this feature for a while, and are happy that is now available. Thank you!
It only works on an Active recipe, right? Not in test mode?

Yes, that's right for now. We do plan to figure out how to best support it in test mode as well in the future.