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recipe Airtable and Box

Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Hey all, so I'm having some issues, with some logic on my recipe.

The ultimate goal is this: Search Box for existing Year folder first, if there then search for next variable, ClientID, if there then search for MoDaYeBox Folder (All folders based on Airtable fields)Once all those folders are found and or created if NOT found, then finally, a Box shared link is created, and then pasted into an Airtable field (Box Link).




That's the recipe above.  The problem is, when search DOES find the folder, how will it know to NOT create the folder, but stay inside that folder as the new parent folder?

  1. YEAR
      1. MoDaYeBox

Year folder, then ClientID folder, finally, MoDaYeBox folder. 

From that final MoDaYeBox folder, a Box shared link is generated.

Then that box link is pasted into an Airtable field.  

Any ideas how to proceed differently?  Right now I get 404 errors because the previous Folder ID doesn't exist, even though it does.





Executive Chef III
Executive Chef III

It's all mostly in place, I think you just need to implement more variables to store the "ID to use" for each tier regardless of whether that ID already existed or was freshly created.

  1. Create variables for YEAR_ID, CLIENT_ID, and MDY_ID
  2. Search for Year folder
  3. If Year folder is found, update YEAR_ID variable (add immediately this after step 3)
  4. If Year folder is NOT found, create folder and then update YEAR_ID variable (add immediately after step 5)
  5. Search for Client folder in YEAR_ID
  6. If Client folder is found, update CLIENT_ID variable (add immediately after step 6)
  7. If Client folder is NOT found, create folder and then update CLIENT_ID variable (add immediately after step 8 )
  8. Search for MDY folder in CLIENT_ID
  9. If MDY folder is found, update MDY_ID variable (add immediately after step 9)
  10. If MDY folder is NOT found, create folder and then update MDY_ID variable (add immediately after step 11)
  11.  Generate Box link for MDY_ID



I will build upon that.  I knew I was missing something, just wasn't sure what it would be.  A few of Workato team built over the top of one of my attempts, and it didn't work either, so I got increasingly frustrated.  Used if statements, then if/else, but each trial failed.  

I really want to write this correctly, as it'll save a lot of time in the long run of a lot of manual work.

Thanks!  I'll give it a whirl, and let ya know!

Executive Chef III
Executive Chef III

Based on your initial screenshots, you're very close to having this working. I'm a bit surprised that someone from Workato wouldn't be able to resolve this. If you keep providing updates, I'll help get you over the finish line!

So when you say implement more variables, you mean create new ones and not write over the initial ones, as they store what Airtable has and would be used eventually in the recipe?