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Resolved! Escape from Repeat Based on condition

How to escape from a repeat loop in workato when a specific condition is met? Repeating entire list and check condition is bad for the performance.I don t want to  use monitor functionality and throw error to escape from the there any alterna...

Resolved! call recipes dynamically

HiI was just wondering how to execute sub-recipes in a dynamic way.for example, I have lookup-table ( type, recipe_name ). Based on the type, I need to call a sub recipe.  Type Recipe_nameType 1Sub_Recipe_1Type 2Sub_Recipe_2Type 3Sub_Recipe_3Type 4Su...

sampath by Deputy Chef III
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Resolved! Looping through parsed JSON to get key and value

I  have a GET command that returns a JSON response.The next step is Parse JSON. From there, I want to loop through the "key" and "value". The Parsed JSON turns the fields into datapills, which I can pull the value, but I can't get the "key" (label). ...

moxiego by Deputy Chef II
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Resolved! Connector SDK: Picklists and Toggle Fields

If you’re into building custom SDK connectors, you may be interested in this video:Picklists and Toggle Fields - YouTubePicklists offer significant benefits to users. They streamline data input, reducing errors and improving data quality. Users can m...

Resolved! Connector SDK: Actions

If you’re into building custom SDK connectors, you may be interested in this video:Building Actions - YouTubeActions within a connector offer numerous benefits to users. They provide a structured and user-friendly way to interact with various systems...


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