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Request Form to Ticketing System

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hello Pros,

We have a request for hiring managers to submit a request for additional access for the new hires. The request will be recorded in Zendesk. My challenge is where I should put the form.

1. Google Form > New row in Sheet > Workato trigger.

2. Slack Workflow > Workbot for Slack Trigger

3. Zendesk Form > Zendesk

Option 1: straight forward, but not scalable in terms of billable recipes. If a different team needs a different form, the bill will quickly jump

Option 2: scalable, one billable recipe used even if more slack workflows are built in the future. Downside is that this form lives inside a slack channel and doesn’t have a URL

Option 3: scalable, built in solution by zendesk. Probably least maintenance too.

My question for the folks here is that: do people monitor a form per billable recipe? Seems quite $$$ for a simple form that is not used much.

Like to see how other pros tackle this type of request form recipes while maximising the ROI

Thank you!


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

For option 1, it is possible to have many Google Forms each adding a row to a different sheet inside the same spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet that records the form submissions, you could have custom Google Apps Script code to add a row to a helper sheet every time any other sheet had a new line. E.g. Sheet 'Form-1' gets a new row, the code adds a row to a 'Helper' Sheet with the submission's timestamp and the name of the sheet that was modified. Then Workato can monitor the 'Helper' sheet for new rows, grab information on which sheet was edited, then proceed to a callable recipe depending on which sheet was modified, and retrieve the row via the timestamp.

Here's an example of some code that would add the information to the helper sheet:

(it is triggered onSubmit)

function submit(event) {

let modifiedSheet = event.range.getSheet();

let modifiedSheetName = modifiedSheet.getName();

let helperSheetName = 'Helper';

let helperSheet = modifiedSheet.getParent().getSheetByName(helperSheetName);

helperSheet.appendRow([event.values[0], modifiedSheetName]);


Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Two options based on our experience:

1. We use different ITSM solution (in process of migrating off from ZD). In other ITSM tools (BMC, ServiceNow) - an approved service request (containing application reference for which access is requested) can create an API call to workato and you can process that request through workato to 3rd party app if APIs allow.

2. You use drop down list in Workbot and provision access based on this.

We use #2 (as currently ticket comes to our support and they fullfil the requst via workbot) for both access provisioning and installing app's but will be migrating to #1 as we implement a new ITSM (ticketing) solution.