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Resolved! Task Usage by Day / Month

Hi,  has anyone tried to or know if its possible to pull task usage across tenants as a whole?  I can use RecipeOps and get some limited information but really want to be able to summarize some of this data by day/week/month and deliver to a slack ch...

Resolved! Suggestions on Extracting data from on-prem

I am looking at some suggestions from the community on any ideas you might have in regards to the following:We want to add some of the financial data from Sage 300 into our datawarehouse using Workato,We are planning on moving our Sage 300 software t...

gfraser by Deputy Chef I
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Resolved! Add List to http Post Json

Hey Folks,I'd need a little support for a recepie: The recepie should delete all contacts in a google adressbook (will be purge once a week).What I've achieved so far:- I can get a list of all google contacts with a custom goole Action- I can add eac...

Resolved! Insert "Batch of Rows" to Airtable

Hi, When writing records to SQL, I see an option to insert a "Batch of Rows", but I don't see that "batch" option in Airtable, so I am guessing I have to write 1 row at a time somehow ? Probably just 10 - 20 records when it runs.Any suggestions? 

dunncrew by Deputy Chef III
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Resolved! OAuth error on ClickUp connection lab exercise

Hi, I am trying to build the HTTP Connector for ClickUp.I click the Connect button in WorkatoA ClickUp window appears in which I select my Workspace (image 1)I get an Internal Server Error of type OAUTH_006 on the ClickUp pop-up screen (image 2)I cou...

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 18.01.54.png Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 18.01.59.png
JeroenR by Deputy Chef II
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Resolved! Put CSV Output on New Lines ?

I am reading 1 text field from a SQL Server select rows and want to send them in an email. Currently, it puts all the records on one line, but I want each record on a new line. Any suggestions ? I tried to force a "New line" break, but no luck.See Sc...

dunncrew_0-1697144608116.png dunncrew_1-1697144623817.png
dunncrew by Deputy Chef III
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