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Salesforce Connection Lost

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

We've had Workato connected with a variety of Salesforce sandboxes. In a Developer Pro edition, we had no issues maintaining the connection. However, in a full copy sandbox and in Production, the Workato connection keeps getting lost with this error. 

Connection lost

Connections may become invalid due to modified credentials or insufficient permissions. Check that you have the necessary permissions and that your connection credentials are valid.

Does anyone know why that is? Our session/logout/profile/permissions settings are exactly the same in all sandboxes and production. Right now we keep having to go into Workato every morning, click Disconnect and then Connect again on the Salesforce connection, which is not sustainable.

This is similar to this user's issue:


Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

We have connections to Salesforce and it doesn't expire like that.  The thoughts that come to mind are:

We use OAuth JWT for the authentication since it's meant more for server-to-server connection.  Are you using that, or just Oauth2 where you authenticate using an individual's credentials and "allowing" the app permission?  If the latter, tweak the expiration of the token and refresh token to see if that lines up with when your connection fails.  I don't know if it's having trouble refreshing the token, or if perhaps Salesforce isn't configured to provide a refresh token.

Hope that helps start down the right path

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi @piyafiedler ,

This is Marlon from the support team.

May I ask if you have tried creating a new connection for the SFDC connector?