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SFDC Multi Select picklist question

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

first off, this workato thing is fun and a total game changer for my Epicor to SFDC syncing process... so cool.... yes I am nerding out!!! 🙂

In Epicor we have 3 Companies and a VERY few of our SKUs are in more than 1 company so this isn't a HIGE issue but figure there has to be a way.

in SFDC for a single SKU there is Multi Select picklist called ERP company where the options are  the 3 companies.

so for a SKU that's in 2 companies in Epicor  this might be Company1:Company3

the issue with my recipe is that when change a SKU in Epicor in company 1 it will over write the SFDC filed with just Company 1 where I need it to be Company 1: Company 2

I assumed I could pull the SFDC field into a variable in Workato and manipulate it to add or remove the company when required.... sooooooo

I updated my recipe to pull the ERP Company from Epicor and test to see if it contains Company 1 etc. and that seems to be working but when I use the debugger to see what the format of the field is I can't find it.

basically I have an if statement to test if the SKU in company X is active and if so I test the current SFDC ERP Company field to see if its there and if not add it to the variable and use that to update the SFDC product record

OR I wouldn't be surprised if I'm totally over complicating this and there is a slick way to do this using a function




Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi @johnw ,

Can you please provide more information on how you are setting the debugger? If the field is a multi-select picklist; then the input value should be in an array form. You may check the API on how multi-select is mapped.

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

I didn't quite follow the process that you are using now. Multi-Select picklist are a killer (in the ultimate dangerous and deadly manner) in Salesforce. What you can do it, check the existing value, and then if there is one, update it to be "Existing Values + New Value". Hope this helps!

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Hi @johnw Could you please give me a n example input and output you are getting? mean while try to implement from the above information.

Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Hi John — try prepending a semicolon to the company1 value as you push it into SFDC. So instead of pushing "company1" or "company3" to SFDC, you would push ";company1" or ";company3"