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SFTP Authenticate with Public/Private Key Pair

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I


We are trying to connect to the SFTP using Public/Private Key Pair, but keep getting the following error:

    "Connection failed
    Authentication failed for user"
Workato IPs have been whitelisted and with the same keys we are able to connect with Filezilla for example. Any assistance will be welcome.

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi @Garate77 ,

This is Marlon from the Product Support Team.

To fix the "connection failed" issue in SFTP, you can try the following steps:

  1. Check for Trailing Spaces: Ensure no trailing spaces exist in the SFTP host address. A trailing space can cause connection issues, as seen in some cases where removing the space resolves the problem.

  2. Verify SFTP Server Configuration: Some SFTP servers have custom configurations that may close the connection if non-ssh-rsa algorithms are used. Ensure that the server is configured to accept the algorithms your client is using.

  3. Review Recent Changes: Recent updates or changes, such as a net-ssh gem upgrade, might affect the connection. Check if any recent updates could be causing the issue and consider rolling back or applying necessary patches.

  4. Check Network and Firewall Settings: Ensure that no network or firewall settings are blocking the connection to the SFTP server. Sometimes, network issues can cause connection failures.

    If you have tried and still get an error, I highly recommend contacting the support team via the ticket portal to check the SFTP configuration further.

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Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Garate,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you show us your SFTP connection config in Workato so we can check?

Also, please provide us the snapshot of the connection in Filezilla so we can compare.

Thank you!

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

I will love to add a screenshot of the two things, without having to publish them on the internet, but don't see how in this forum.

Hey @Garate77 – I hear you! Some people have included screenshots (with confidential information redacted), but I understand this may not be preferable or even allowed, depending on the type of data you are handling.

You can email your screenshots to me at and I can help connect you with our support team. You are also welcome to reach out to your Workato rep directly with more assistance on this issue.


Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

Any update on this?