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User input and Display screens to users based on If else logic

Executive Chef I
Executive Chef I

wondering how complicated is might be.

If Order management goes into our ERP and enters a sales order and an Opportunity number have workato pull the list of SKUs and prices from SFDC and put it on the screen so that OM can validate it matches the PO and if they click yes it will pull the info from SFDc into ERP and set ops as won etc

if they press no it stops

if they don't know the opportunity number maybe have Workato display a list of open opportunities and if they see one that matches, they select that op and it goes up to the above paragraph and shows the list of SKUs and qty prices etc.

I don't see any user action or screen display type actions. 

my first thought is we should make SFDC be the trigger and not ERP but since Om lives in ERP today want to make sure i exhaust any theories on them remaining in ERP before I broach the subject of moving them to SFDC



Deputy Chef III
Deputy Chef III

Does your ERP support custom interfaces?

we use Epicor cloud, I will ask IT

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi @johnw ,
I'd like to understand how the integration is built in Workato. You have mentioned user inputs and display screens. Are you pertaining to a Workbot interface?

Sorry if I wasn't clear... my original post was a wish list asking if popup screens could be done (like screen flows in SFDC)

right now OM does most things in Epicor so before I tell them they need to move to SFDC to trigger orders from opportunities was wondering if the wish list was possible