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Workato with SIEM

Workato employee
Workato employee

[22 Jan 2021] Gordon Hu from WeGalvanize posted:

Just want to see if anyone uses Workato with any kind of SIEM (e.g., using LogRhythm). We were just informed that in order for LogRhythm to collect logs from Okta, we need a Linux VM to pull log from Okta that sends to another VM (LogRhythm agent) before everything is sent to LogRhythm server.

Feels like a lot of moving parts here. There is probably no other work around. Just wondering if some members use Workato for security related tasks.

  • For example, monitor okta log to pick up certain events

Have a nice weekend all.


Workato employee
Workato employee

[24 Jan 2021] George Kozlov (‎Director, Engineering Operations at replied:

Hi Gordon, That's me again 🙂

We use Okta logs for security analytics, and we pull logs via the Workato job.We can schedule a call and talk about it if you are interested.