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What training courses should we develop?

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi everyone,

What is something you would want to see come from Workato's training program? 

I work to develop Workato's training program, and you all have the best perspective for what training would benefit you and/or your teams, or would have benefited from during Workato onboarding. Your feedback is heavily appreciated! Feel free to use any of the below for inspiration (or bring up something else entirely), and be as brief or thorough as you'd like:

  • Are we missing courses on certain functionality or processes that should be there?
  • Would you want new training materials to be available on Automation Institute in the familiar self-paced video-based format?
  • Would you want private or publicly held virtual instructor led training?
  • Would you like in-person training if/when conditions are safe again? 
  • If we offered private instructor-led training, is this something you'd prefer and/or be willing to purchase?
  • Is there something we're not doing that you would like to see?

We also have a lineup of course materials being released in Automation Institute in the near-future, and wanted to give you all a preview of the timeline. Are any of the following course topics something you feel would help you?

December releases:

  • Data Transformations
  • List Processing
  • Error Handling & Troubleshooting
  • RDBMS Connectors
  • HTTP Connector - REST JSON
  • SDK Connector

January releases:

  • Callable Recipes
  • Recipe Lifecycle Management
  • Bulk/Batch Processing
  • RecipeOps
  • Collections
  • API Management

Let us know your thoughts and let's start a conversation!


Workato employee
Workato employee

[Nov 19, 2020] Amlan Debnath (VP Global Field Operations and Customer Success at Workato) replied:

Thanks Kevin. I don't see any course on Snowflake etc. Is something planned for the future. Or is some of it in the bulk/batch processing course?Another course I was thinking of is 'advanced transformation'. Do other people feel the need for that?

Workato employee
Workato employee

How about Workato Governance? Naming conventions, folder structures, team structures etc.

Those are good callouts. Thank you for the suggestion :). We'll use the reaction to help us prioritize what we work on first.

Yes this kind of content is applicable across all apps and recipes