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Workday Connector

Workato employee
Workato employee

Hi Pros, happy Friday.

I see there are two workday connectors, Rest API vs SOAP

I am used to Rest API but I noticed it’s trigger is only for new object?

The SOAP has new/updated object.

What do you use?

Our use cases are
- for new hire
- updated existing hire
- periodically compare our systems with workday for user review.

Thank you


Deputy Chef II
Deputy Chef II

For workday most of our recipes are based off of new/updated worker (for reassigning managers/roles/locations, updating title/phone/name, or deprovisioning). We also make use of RaaS, which we use to fetch additional information from Workday or do some events based on a schedule.

Thanks Mike, do you use SOAP or Restful API?

SOAP API I believe