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Workday Foreign Address API Attributes

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hello everyone - thought I'd start here. It is probably a lot to ask as it is pretty specific to Workday... so here goes. Has anyone tried to take a foreign country address from one source to the other. Forexample I am integrateing a SF account to Workday: SF Account fields are as follows:

Billing Street: Null

Billing City: Mexico City

Billing State/Province: DFE

Billing Zip/Postal Code: Null

Billing Country: Mexico

When I do this I get a slew of other required fields subminicipality/region etc. I can get USA to work, lol if I translate states to 2 digit and country to 3 digit alpha = USA, but Other countries require regions, subregions and municipality specifics.




Workato employee
Workato employee

Karl Drahovsky I would recommend sharing this in the main group, Automation Pros, you'll get a lot more eyes!