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5 Tips for Completing Automation Pro III

Workato employee
Workato employee

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As the caretakers of Automation Institute, we realized many people who finish the Automation Pro I course move onto Automation Pro II, but the same is not true for Automation Pro III. It may be intimidating to our learners for learners to move onto Pro III because a typical learner finishes:

  • Pro I in two hours
  • Pro II in four hours
  • Pro III in fifteen hours

The dramatic jump in commitment from Pro II to Pro III can seem overwhelming. Here are 5 tips to understand some of the misconceptions about Automation Pro III and give you the confidence to try it. Hopefully this encourages you as a student to take a leap and see how much further you can go with your journey in using automation and integration for yourself and your business:

  1. Make finishing Pro III a professional goal you set with your manager
    If you have a boss like most of us do, it may be worth it to bring up that you are trying to educate yourself to become more effective in your job role by taking Automation Pro III to understand Workato as much as you can. A good manager will see this as an opportunity to prioritize your long term productivity.
  2. Only focus on the things you don’t already know
    If you are taking Pro III, you have used Workato or are using it regularly. If this is the case, you probably already know a lot of the concepts the courses are trying to teach you, so it may not be necessary to take all of them. If you’re feeling comfortable with the course content on first look, feel free to skip to the next course in the Pro III learn path. A great way to test this is to jump to the knowledge check questions embedded in any given course and see if you can pass them on the first go without working through the course.
  3. Work through the learn path when you can
    This seems like a mundane suggestion, but many people don’t realize how powerful self-paced courses actually are. Just because it’s 15 course modules to work through doesn’t mean you need to spend a week only focusing on taking the entirety of Pro III. Use opportunities between calls or meetings to work in 10-15 minute sessions. Schedule a 15 minute routine to revisit the Pro III curriculum during lunch. You’ll be done working through the courses before you know it!
  4. Skip courses you don’t need to know about
    The passing score of the Automation Pro III exam is 70%. This means if a module  isn’t entirely aligned with how you plan on using Workato, you can feel comfortable skipping it and knowing you still have a good chance of passing the test assuming you know the rest of the material well. For example, if you’re only planning on using prebuilt and commercially available connectors in your job role, you can feel free to skip the “Introduction to Building Your SDK Connectors” course. This will save roughly 2 hours on training material that may not apply to you anyway.
  5. If you fail the exam, try again
    There are 2 attempts for the Pro III exam. You can use the first attempt as a practice exam to see which areas you feel deficient in, revisit the courses relevant to those topics, and try again when you feel more comfortable. Once two attempts have been taken, you’ll need to reach out to the Automation Institute team to reset the attempts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the two standard attempts!

Deputy Chef I
Deputy Chef I

Hi Kevin,

Could you let me know how to reach out to Automation Institute team to reset the attempts?

Tu Nguyen